The Spike

Black Metal Spike


A six-inch spike of adamantite. It is covered with symbols.


The Spike is about six inches in length, and made of the dark metal, adamantite. It has a rough, hewn appearance to it, looking like a shard of a much larger piece.
What makes the Spike look like something unique is the fact that it is covered with symbols. Even as they are stared at, the symbols seem to squirm and move, in some cases causing slight nausea in the viewer.
The Spike was taken from Skorig Shatterstone, a dwarf that seemed desperate to get it back. When Arlain studied the Spike, he noticed that the language was DISTANTLY similar to Celestial. When Skorig approached them to get it back, Rotu noticed that the Spike was actually vibrating.

The Spike

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