The Rough Beast Returns

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Opening Scene

The adventurers show up in the town of Logas. The Stormwater clan of dwarves, as well as the new adventurer Arlain, showed up via ferry, whilst Loken and the troop of elven scouts arrived shortly after.
Rotu met the dwarf Skorig Shatterstone, the meeting leaving him with a headache and a vision. Arlain got to meet a duo consisting of an halfling cleric of Sarenrae and an orc paladin of Iomedae.
At the inn, Skorig started a bit of a conflict, forcing the innkeeper to force him out at gunpoint. As he left, Loken gave chase, following him through the streets. Skorig fled into an alley, killing a guard as he did. As he ran into the Chitterwood, a spike was taken from him.
That night, a gibbering mouther attacked the dwarves, forcing them into the streets. The groups managed to run from both Skorig and the mouther, eventually killing the mouther, and made it back to the ferry, which they used to escape.


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